At APS, we specialize in closed loop and open loop payment solutions.

Gain access to new markets and industries​

Our technology provides more protection for industries that require more scrutiny
Reduced Chargebacks

Reduced chargebacks and disputes based on the data collected and real time validation of each transaction across the entire platform.


Comprehensive electronic onboarding, underwriting, risk scoring, and ongoing risk assessments based on real-time data and analytics.

Reputational Risk

APS’s Reputational Risk Management Tools provide a much more robust capability to control and manage and stop fraud rings and or consumers that cause banks and processors ongoing issues.


The APS Solution has built-in reporting capabilities. We provide the information needed for supporting industries that require a higher level of scrutiny

Point of Sale

Each customer transaction is validated in real-time with state and other databases to ensure the customer is eligible to purchase, including age verification, OFAC check, State City and County level mandates, and other checks that provide more protections in industries that require more scrutiny.

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