Accept Crypto From
Your CBD Customers

Online and In-Store

Client makes a CBD purchase with crypto

We instantly convert the crypto payment into fiat.

No volatility and the best rate available

Daily settlement to merchant’s bank account

Give your CBD business a boost by opening your doors to crypto consumers

Get started quickly

There’s a whole new audience waiting to trade

You will get to know how to accept crypto payments with APS. So, the client will make a CBD purchase with crypto and then scan the APS-generated QR code online or in-store to make payment with crypto and their preferred wallet.

APS confirms the transaction the next moment, converts the crypto into fiat at the best possible rate and provides CBD businesses a guaranteed payment. After that, APS will settle charges to the CBD merchant on the next business day.


Why Choose APS Pays

No hidden fees

The funds are accumulated daily in the merchant’s bank account, with no risk of chargebacks, hidden fees, or value fluctuation.

Merchant Oriented

It increases the revenue giving merchants huge favors and benefits.

Safer & Faster

Crypto payments are safer and faster than credit card payments and offer an innovative way to process transactions.

Fixed Discount Rates

APS  ensures fixed discount rates that are less than traditional.

Accept Crypto

Give Your CBD Business a Boost

Includes cryptocurrency and wallet agnostic

In fiat of choice, merchants will get paid

No risk of volatility through instant conversion at the best rate

Instant confirmations with guaranteed payments

Grow your business with our
end-to-end payment solutions

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