Full privacy with crypto for your casino business
More and more gamers ask for crypto payment gateway now
Save up to 50% on fees

Crypto fees are much lower than regular fees – so why pay more for transactions?

Global player coverage

Crypto is truly borderless – open your casino to players all around the world!

Instant Confirmations

Daily deposits are guaranteed and available for immediate play in your business


Protect your players’ identity against strict laws or social stigma with crypto transfers

    Anonymity with APS Crypto Gateway​

    People who love games are also seek their privacy. With APS, you can now provide your clients with better and modern payment options.

    How to accept
    crypto deposits with APS

    Player deposits funds with the Title or Escrow company using their preferred wallet and crypto.

    APS  instantly converts the crypto into fiat at the best execution rate available the moment the payment takes place.

    APS  settles payments to the Casino company on the next business day who then close the real estate transaction in the usual way.

    Fully compliant with

    Accept crypto payments everywhere

    Simple payouts

    Step 1

    Merchant defines total stable coin amount to be set aside for making payouts/refunds

    Step 2

    Payout/refund balance is topped off at settlement

    Step 3

    Merchant issues payouts/refunds individually or in batches to minimise transaction fees

    Step 3

    APS converts fiat from reserve to crypto and sends to the customer

    Step 2

    Merchant can send payouts, refunds or withdrawals in any of APS cryptocurrencies

    Step 1

    Merchant defines fiat reserve for payouts, refunds and withdrawals. Settlement will never take balance below reserve

    Payouts in multiple cryptos


    Wallets are ready to spend across the entire world


    Trillion being spent annually on the blockchain


    Crypto users spend double the amount credit card users


    The fastest-growing consumer segment in 2022

      Security & compliance above everything else.

      All of our transactions are loaded into Jumio’s monitoring system where an extensive ruleset is utilized to identify any patterns of money laundering or suspicious financial activity.

      Our due diligence and KYC is all managed and validated through Sum and Substance to ensure authenticity, accuracy and legitimacy.

      Transactions that we process is run through Chainalysis KYT which detects many patterns of risky activity, from darknet markets and scams to sanctioned addresses and anomalous transactions.

      Security & compliance above everything else.

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