APS Pays


At APS, we specialize in closed loop and open loop payment solutions.

Providing more protection for industries that require more scrutiny

Reduced Chargebacks

Reduced chargebacks and disputes based on the data collected and real time validation of each transaction across the entire platform.


Comprehensive electronic onboarding, underwriting, risk scoring, and ongoing risk assessments based on real-time data and analytics.

Reputational Risk

Providing a much more robust capability to control and manage and stop fraud rings and or consumers that cause ongoing issues.


The APS Solution has built-in reporting capabilities. We provide the information needed for supporting industries that require a higher level of scrutiny

Gain Access to
Our technology provides more protection for industries that require more scrutiny

Grow your business with our
end-to-end payment solutions

Security & compliance above everything else.

All of our transactions are loaded into Jumio’s monitoring system where an extensive ruleset is utilized to identify any patterns of money laundering or suspicious financial activity.

Our due diligence and KYC is all managed and validated through Sum and Substance to ensure authenticity, accuracy and legitimacy.

Transactions that we process is run through Chainalysis KYT which detects many patterns of risky activity, from darknet markets and scams to sanctioned addresses and anomalous transactions.

Security & compliance above everything else.

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