State Solutions

Provide customized solutions for States to manage reputational risk industries, cash intensive businesses and industries that require strict adherence to state level mandates and regulations.

State solutions

Increase Tax Revenue Results| Mandate Adherence


The APS Solution can provide state level taxation data and state tax settlements based on each consumer transaction in real-time as well as manage all state requirements

Enhanced Due Diligence

The APS enhanced due diligence process includes a deep dive into every aspect of the business. Based on the results a risk score is assigned. Early identification of potential risk results in a more efficient oversight process.

Compliance Monitoring

The APS Solution provides the capability of tracking and tracing the flow of all funds coming in and going out of the business. This data set is monitored to validate cash flows, identify anomalies, Know Your Customer, Know Your Vendor and tax payments.

Point  of Sale

Each customer transaction is validated in real time with state and other databases to ensure the customer is eligible to purchase, including age verification, OFAC check, State City and County level mandates, and for medical only states, this includes prescription validation and ensuring the purchase amounts are within the mandated limits.


The APS Solution has robust reporting capabilities. We work with each State to determine the information needed to provide more protections in industries that require a higher level of scrutiny.

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If you like to learn more about how APS is partnering with States to support emerging industries, increase tax revenue, ensure state mandates are being followed and keeping bad actors out, please contact us at or (800) 475-1623.
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