Easily Accept Every Payment With APS Terminals

With APS Terminals, merchants get a highly functional, simple-to-use all-in-one POS solution with integrated payments and our feature-rich back-office Cloud portal for remote store management. 

  • Easy Installation

  • Simple to Maintain

  • Compact Design

  • Customizable Screens

  • High CapacityBattery

  • WiFi, Bluetooth, and 3G/4G

  • Built-in NFC Contactless

  • Unprecedented Security

For Merchants, Processors,
and Financial Institutions

We open up new revenue streams while at the same time reducing financial and reputational risks.

The color tablet with smart automatic brightness feature is ergonomically designed to improve viewing and ensure both users and shoppers get the best experience. The built-in hybrid card reader and payment screen support all forms of payments, including EMV and Contactless payments, enabling customers to pay quickly and safely, using the payment method of their choice.


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Handheld POS

PAX A920 with the APS Platform​​

For merchants who want a full-featured point-of-sale system and the flexibility of a handheld mobile POS device, the PAX A920 with the APS platform is the perfect, cost-effective solution. 


The PAX A920 with APS gives merchants the ability to checkout customers at the counter or use it remotely for line busting, home deliveries, or to take orders and payments anywhere in the store. It is an ideal mobile solution for businesses such as small restaurants, food trucks, home repair services, farmers’ markets, and more, that need a mobile POS solution to reach their customers.

The Compact POS

PAX E500 with the APS Platform​​

Cost-effective, space-saving solution that combines comprehensive point-of-sale (POS), electronic cash register (ECR) and secure electronic payment functionality to improve and modernize checkout.


The PAX E500 with APS is a next-gen SmartPOS that heighten the user experience with its bright merchant-facing touchscreen and customer-facing display. This all-in-one game-changer delivers a solid performance in any retail and hospitality space, such as bookstores, coffee shops, hotels, and more.

The PAX E500 exceeds the standards of a seamless user experience with its carefully designed components.

Modern POS

PAX E700 with the APS Platform​​

Cash register and payment terminal in one device. The PAX E700 is ideal for shops, restaurants and hotels who want a modern check-out system.


Ideal point-of-sale solution for small-to-medium-sized merchants. The PAX E700 terminal combines Electronic Cash Register and Consumer Payments functionality into a single, ergonomic solution, reducing merchant hardware costs and eliminating clutter atthe point-of-sale.

The Fast POS

PAX E800 with the APS Platform​​

Ideal pos solution for small-to-medium-sized merchants. The PAX E800 terminal combines Electronic Cash Register and Consumer Payments functionality into a single, ergonomic solution, reducing merchant hardware costs and eliminating clutter at the point of sale.


Sporting a gorgeous 15-inch IPS touchscreen display, the PAX  E800 with APS delivers lightning-fast performance when it matters the most. The E-series runs on PAXBiz® powered by Android™, giving you access to a whole world of third-party business apps and solutions. This means smooth integrations between apps on the cash register side and the payment module, minimizing complex data transfers and time-consuming IT management.

Low Profile POS

Pax E600 with the APS Platform​​

The PAX E600 with APS is a high-performance POS that can operate as a countertop POS system and a handheld mobile device. With its dual-facing displays, both merchants and customers can experience a reliable, smooth, and secure checkout.


The E600 with APS innovative cloud-based POS software is the ideal countertop/mobile point-of-sale solution for small-to-medium-sized merchants.

The PAX E600 all-in-one Smart Terminal delivers an elevated payment experience both for customers and merchants with its portable, dual-display design and a range of features including, a high-speed receipt printer, a built-in camera, barcode scanner, and flexible connectivity and payment options.


With APS you have access to robust real-time data, actionable customer insights, enhanced due diligence, the most robust KYC in the industry, and improved tracking, monitoring and reporting capabilities supporting adherence to state-level mandates and regulations all packaged in a consumer-and user-friendly experience. Call or email us today for more information or to set up a demonstration.

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